main benefit using h
main benefit using htn-cix idc

Strong Point of HTN-IDC

  1. Backbone Network Directly Connected to about 85% of Domestic Internet Subscribers
    • HTN-IDC is the IX (Internet exchange) specialized firm.
    • Even now, about 3 million users of the total domestic internet subscribers are using internet through HTN-CIX backbone network of max. 300Gbps capacity.
    • HTN-IDC  is providing faster and more stable service to internet users through IDC service directly connected with IX positioned at the top of a large scale internet network.
  2. Specialized Firm providing the best Network Environment
    • About 30 ISP networks at home and abroad are interfaced with HTN-IDC directly.
    • HTN-IDC provides the best network environment as proven by the best specialized network experts.

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