Definition of ix (internet exchange)

  • It's called IX (Internet Exchange), IXP (Internet Exchange Point) or DIX (Domestic Internet Exchange)

  • IX refers to Internet traffic exchange between Domestic ISP (Internet Service Provider)s, International NSP(Network Service Provider)s, Mobile Internet Operators, CATV Internet Operators, Internet Contents Providers at least minimum 100Mbps to maximum 10Gbps ultra-high speed and bandwidth.

  • IX networks is the Shared Internet Infrastructure that available for ISPs, International NSPs, Mobile Operators, CATV Operators, Internet Contents Providers to exchange their Internet Traffic with more neutrally, equally, efficiently and economically.

ix service
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Why need ix?

  • Prevention of Finance in Cambodia from Overseas Outflow:
      • Without IXP, Internet traffics between local ISPs shall go to overseas first and then will return domestic again. This makes many problems like waste of overseas line costs, delayed communication, low stability and others. IXP can solve the problems.
      • ISP can share IXP's overseas line without ISP's independent connection with overseas network to save the costs remarkably and to overcome national waste factors.
      • The Internet traffic bandwidth between local ISP can be greatly improved to help develop Internet contents businesses, next generation Internet and telecommunication businesses in Cambodia.


  • Saving of Integration Costs between ISP: Without IXP, multiple connections between multi-operators and between ISPs shall be needed to exchange traffics. But, with IXP, sole connection can be made by using IXP to save not only line cost but also administrative cost.


  • Low Latency:
      • Not only high-speed Internet subscriber-oriented ISP but also contents-oriented ISP can directly exchange each other to minimize hop counts made by transit.
      • Minimum hop count can lessen latency time that may occur when Internet users download contents.
      • Internet customers of each ISP can experience higher Internet speed owing to low latency.


  • Will promote new generation of Internet Businesses :
      • Simple Internet access path by IX allows Internet users to elevate Internet use efficiency and to develop Internet related contents businesses such as portals, filing sharing and e-commerce, etc.
      • These days, big Internet Portal Service Providers have become powerful Internet traffic source creating more than 30 Gbps traffic: The portal providers' large traffic makes Internet traffic not to rely upon IDC, and it has built up independent BGP network to connect IXP directly.

the core feature of ix

  • Neutrality

      • Independent IXP can prevent major ISP from monopoly and oligopoly. 

      • No filtering, No Packet drop and Artificial traffic filtering policy by each ISP can be excluded.

      • No apply any priority for transit traffic

      • Transit speed between IX peers should be supply as a equal

      • No Internet Connection Service to end/home/SMB/Enterprise customers

  • Independence 

      • From any Domestic ISP, International NSP

      • F.O. Cable have to be run by IX itself to get independence from any ISP

      • IXP can build up independent interconnecting line by ISP to get independence from major ISP, that is, line provider.

      • IXP does not give Internet access service in favor of end-users to exclude business overlapping with ISP. 

  • Efficiency and Reliability

      • 24*365 availability , Primary & Backup IX system

      • L-2 Ethernet switching can exchange traffics between ISP by using maximum 10 Gbps speed.

      • BGP single interconnecting to IXP can connect other ISP immediately to save line costs as well as administrative costs by relay interconnecting. 

      • Dual connection between IXP and ISP can guarantee 99.99% reliability and availability. 

      • Multiple IXP is required in Cambodia. For instance, Korea had more than 140 ISPs and 5 IXPs only.   

  • Publicity

      • IX is the critical resource for nation-wide

      • IX Infrastructure like F.O. Cable and Routing/Switch Equipment must be share to every peer as a free for their own business.

      • Other countries tend to nominate IX as important national infrastructure. 

      • Play a leading role to introduce next-generation technologies. 

      • Support IPv6, IP Multicasting & QoS technology in preparation for Fixed & Mobile convergence and media integration services. 

      • Interconnecting non-profit public network as well as commercial networks continuously. 

      • Supply daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics of national Internet statistics service by MRTG to help build up next generation internet policy.

      • Supply "Looking glass” service to open ISP routing policy and to give troubleshooting information.

      • Supply "Speed Test” services to test by Internet Users with independent from ISP that user get Internet service from.

what is the different between htn-cix and other

          HTN-CIX in Cambodia

  • HTN-CIX runs their owned Fiber Optic Cable to All of ISPs and others.

  • Minimum transit speed is 200Mbps and can be expanded up to 10Gbps maximum each.

  • HTN-CIX is ready for 72 x 10Gbps connections.


         Orther IX in Cambodia



how to get htn-ix service?

    How to get HTN-CIX service (Step)?

         A: MOU Sign-up each other

         B: HTN will install Free F.O. Cable with Free pole charge from EDC

         C: Physical Networks connection has to be established with minimum 100Mbps L-2 Ethernet.

         D: Logical L-3 BGP Connection have to be established

         E: Our peer can have any logical connection other ISPs, International NSPs, other contents providers as need using HTN-IX physical infrastructure freely
         F: Contact Point:        

      • Office/NOC: 023-880- 526  FAX: 023-880-562
      • Business Development Manager & Contract : Mr. Long Bora

                              Mobile: (+855)77-757-617 / 86 -76 9999

                              E-Mail: boralong.htn@gmail.com

      • Technical Support: Mr. Mom Sothea

                               Mobile: (+855) 98-499-928

                               E-Mail: sotheamom.htn@gmail.com

main benefit conecting to ix

What are main benefits for CATV Internet Operators in Cambodia Save the International Internet Connection Cost by improper routing traffic High Speed transit between domestic ISPs and Reduce cabling.


Can choose/change Int. NSP using IX Infrastructure almost immediately in case of Upstream International ISP failure or because of any changes of business policy.


Can make new kind of business: Service or re-sale available or remaining Internet bandwidth to other ISPs using IX shared infrastructure.

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