the core feature of ix

  • Neutrality

      • Independent IXP can prevent major ISP from monopoly and oligopoly. 

      • No filtering, No Packet drop and Artificial traffic filtering policy by each ISP can be excluded.

      • No apply any priority for transit traffic

      • Transit speed between IX peers should be supply as a equal

      • No Internet Connection Service to end/home/SMB/Enterprise customers

  • Independence 

      • From any Domestic ISP, International NSP

      • F.O. Cable have to be run by IX itself to get independence from any ISP

      • IXP can build up independent interconnecting line by ISP to get independence from major ISP, that is, line provider.

      • IXP does not give Internet access service in favor of end-users to exclude business overlapping with ISP. 

  • Efficiency and Reliability

      • 24*365 availability , Primary & Backup IX system

      • L-2 Ethernet switching can exchange traffics between ISP by using maximum 10 Gbps speed.

      • BGP single interconnecting to IXP can connect other ISP immediately to save line costs as well as administrative costs by relay interconnecting. 

      • Dual connection between IXP and ISP can guarantee 99.99% reliability and availability. 

      • Multiple IXP is required in Cambodia. For instance, Korea had more than 140 ISPs and 5 IXPs only.   

  • Publicity

      • IX is the critical resource for nation-wide

      • IX Infrastructure like F.O. Cable and Routing/Switch Equipment must be share to every peer as a free for their own business.

      • Other countries tend to nominate IX as important national infrastructure. 

      • Play a leading role to introduce next-generation technologies. 

      • Support IPv6, IP Multicasting & QoS technology in preparation for Fixed & Mobile convergence and media integration services. 

      • Interconnecting non-profit public network as well as commercial networks continuously. 

      • Supply daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics of national Internet statistics service by MRTG to help build up next generation internet policy.

      • Supply "Looking glass” service to open ISP routing policy and to give troubleshooting information.

      • Supply "Speed Test” services to test by Internet Users with independent from ISP that user get Internet service from.

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