Why need ix?

  • Prevention of Finance in Cambodia from Overseas Outflow:
      • Without IXP, Internet traffics between local ISPs shall go to overseas first and then will return domestic again. This makes many problems like waste of overseas line costs, delayed communication, low stability and others. IXP can solve the problems.
      • ISP can share IXP's overseas line without ISP's independent connection with overseas network to save the costs remarkably and to overcome national waste factors.
      • The Internet traffic bandwidth between local ISP can be greatly improved to help develop Internet contents businesses, next generation Internet and telecommunication businesses in Cambodia.


  • Saving of Integration Costs between ISP: Without IXP, multiple connections between multi-operators and between ISPs shall be needed to exchange traffics. But, with IXP, sole connection can be made by using IXP to save not only line cost but also administrative cost.


  • Low Latency:
      • Not only high-speed Internet subscriber-oriented ISP but also contents-oriented ISP can directly exchange each other to minimize hop counts made by transit.
      • Minimum hop count can lessen latency time that may occur when Internet users download contents.
      • Internet customers of each ISP can experience higher Internet speed owing to low latency.


  • Will promote new generation of Internet Businesses :
      • Simple Internet access path by IX allows Internet users to elevate Internet use efficiency and to develop Internet related contents businesses such as portals, filing sharing and e-commerce, etc.
      • These days, big Internet Portal Service Providers have become powerful Internet traffic source creating more than 30 Gbps traffic: The portal providers' large traffic makes Internet traffic not to rely upon IDC, and it has built up independent BGP network to connect IXP directly.

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