catv internet operators

  • What is Mobile Internet Operators?

    • Receive the international Internet service from International NSPs or Domestic ISPs and re-sales the Internet connection service to their CATV customers.

  • Mobile Internet Operators in Cambodia

    • PPCTV, DiGi

  • What are main benefits for CATV Internet Operators in Cambodia

    • Save the International Internet Connection Cost by improper routing traffic 

    • High Speed transit between domestic ISPs and Reduce cabling.   



    • Can choose/change Int. NSP using IX Infrastructure almost immediately in case of Upstream International ISP failure or because of any changes of business policy.


    • Can make new kind of business: Service or re-sale available or remaining Internet bandwidth to other ISPs using IX shared infrastructure.


    •  Can provide a new kind of service like Internet TV or IPTV to other customer connected in other ISPs with converted CATV TV contents to Internet TV or IPTV.



  • Special service for CATV Internet Operators provided by HTN-IX

    • First, HT Networks provides all of initial connection cost as a free.

    • Second, HT Networks will provide the monthly charge of inter-connection as a free for a long time being. Will re-negotiate for charge later.

    • Third, Minimum exchange speed are guaranteed by us with Minimum 200Mbps between peers.

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