ICPs(Internet Contents Provider)

  • What is Internet Contents Provider?

      • Service Internet Contents like World Wide Web, FTP, Mail, Online Game, IPTV, Internet TV or others to domestic Internet customers located in all of other ISPs, Mobile Internet Operators, CATV Operators.

  • Internet Contents Provider in Cambodia

      • www.everyday.com.kh, www.yellowpage.com.kh

  • What are main benefits for Internet Contents Provider in Cambodia

      • For High quality contents with high speed to every customer in every ISP, they need connection to every ISPs. It’s will make high cost internet fee.

      • If ICP have connection to HTN-IX, they will get high speed connection to every domestic ISP immediately.

      • With Multicasting capability, can provide next generation service like VoD, Live Video, IPTV, Audio & Video Conference to every ISP users, not specific ISP user.

      • IX never die. It provides the fault tolerance of network level


  •  Special service for Internet Contents Provider provided by HTN-IX

      • First, HT Networks provides all of initial connection cost as a free.

      • Second, HT Networks will provide the monthly charge of inter-connection as a free for a long time being. Will re-negotiate for charge later.

      • Third, Minimum exchange speed are guaranteed by us with Minimum 200Mbps to every domestic ISPs.

      • If use HTN-IX IDC, you can save more cost then you prepare everything for Internet Contents Services.

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