technical specail of htn-cix

Main Equipments


Technical Spec. of Equipment and Installation

  • Main Switching Equip. for L-2 IX Service

  • Main Routing Equip. for L-3 IX Service


Major merits of HTN-IX service then others

  • Install F.O. Cable to each our peering partner as free

  • HTN-IX will pay for pole charge to EDC

  • Minimum Transit Speed between peers is 200Mbps, Maximum is 10Gbps.

  • 720Gbps Backplane Speed

  • Ready for 72*10Gbps Connection

  • IX Service will provider as a free of charge for a long time being.

How to get HTN-IX service (Step)?

A: MOU Sign-up each other

B: HTN will install Free F.O. Cable with Free pole charge from EDC

C: Physical Networks connection has to be established with minimum 100Mbps L-2 Ethernet.

D: Logical L-3 BGP Connection have to be established

E: Our peer can have any logical connection other ISPs, International NSPs, other contents providers as need using HTN-IX physical infrastructure freely

F: Contact Point:

      • Office/NOC: 023-880- 526 FAX: 023-880-562

      • Business Development Manager & Contract : Mr. Long Bora

                                Mobile: (+855)77-757-617 / 86 -76 9999

                                E-Mail: boralong.htn@gmail.com

      • Technical Support: Mr. Mom Sothea

                                Mobile: 098-499-928

                                E-Mail: sotheamom.htn@gmail.com

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